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Company Background

“When searching for a partner in SNA we required a unique combination of analytical skills and ability to take the concept into full operational deployment. After reviewing people operating in this space, we felt that only Idiro offered that unique combination… they have proven time and time again our faith in them in both aspects”

John Belchamber, Head of CRM Capability, Telefónica O2 UK

Since establishing in 2003 we have been helping our customers worldwide improve their marketing by using Social Network Analysis (SNA). We also have years of experience in general analytics & big data.

Headquartered in Dublin city, we focus on analysing data and are excited about the insights and business intelligence we can provide. We also have Idiro consultants in various locations throughout the world, such as the USA and South Africa.


“Digicel has been working with Idiro since 2012 and during that time their analytical products and services have significantly contributed to our overall bottom line. Idiro’s ability to process and analyse vast volumes of data have shown them to be leading experts in predictive analytics and Big Data. Coupled with this is Idiro’s deep industry experience which was a real differentiator for us when it came to choosing an analytics partner. With Idiro we have been able to improve our customer retention, understand the factors behind their behaviour, and leverage predictive analytics to optimise our sales and marketing activities.”

Niall O’Toole, Chief Commercial Officer, Digicel Jamaica

We were first to market with our vision of what it would mean to companies if they could actually understand the social communities in their customer base.

Through our flagship product Idiro SNA Plus, our customers are capable of analysing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them. We are constantly creating and improving our software solutions. We are pioneers in the SNA space and have vast knowledge & experience with regard to big data analysis. Our founders come from analytics, telecom and software fields, so we are in a unique position to fully understand the requirements of our customers.We strive for the best, by expanding and improving our software solutions in our own laboratories and in conjunction with Science Foundation Ireland.

“We have been working with Idiro for many years now. Idiro’s expertise have contributed greatly in building a strong Business Intelligence capability in Electric Ireland.  Our analytics capability – delivered with the help of Idiro – has become essential to Electric Ireland’s marketing and customer retention strategy.”

Ciaran Hand, Business Solutions Manager/Data Protection Specialist, Electric Ireland

Aidan’s story

Aidan Connolly, Idiro Technologies CEOA 2001 article in Physics World by Albert Barabasi  was my first introduction to networks and power laws. The article discussed, amongst other things, the strengths and weaknesses of the structure of internet. It inspired me to consider if networks similar to those outlined in the paper existed amongst humans also.

Barabasi went in to some detail on the concept of power laws which, in the context of human groups, can be simplified down to this:

the more attractive a person is the more attractive they become – i.e. everybody wants to be friends with the most popular girl at school.

So, I began to wonder,

  • who are these popular people,
  • what type of behaviour do they have / exhibit,
  • do they influence their friends to behave in a particular way etc.

Further research on power laws and networks I came across a lot of material on the topic of social network analysis (SNA), the study of the behaviour of groups and the individuals within those groups with a view to understanding how people influence each other. It became clear to me very early on that while there was a whole load of data within the telecoms industry that would enable solid research into social network analysis nobody had actually done that work and neither was there a product in the marketplace that would enable someone to analyse the vast volumes of data that telecom operators have – this opening in the market to provide such a tool led to the founding of Idiro.

The goal of Idiro always has been to develop a highly scalable SNA tool that would enable companies with large volumes of connected customer data (e.g calls, emails, instant messages etc) to analyse and understand the behaviour of those customers and of the groups they belong to.

“We find Idiro to be a key partner who enable us to bring complex social network analysis modelling into our marketing activities and really drive tangible improvements off the back of their insights. They are innovation hungry and are always keen to explore new approaches or develop new techniques and have a wealth of telecoms knowledge both at a global and local level that helps to inform their work”

Gillian Garrett, CVM and Delivery Operations Manager, Vodafone Ireland

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