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Social Network Analysis

Idiro Technologies - Social Network AnalysisWe provide predictive analytics for companies with large customer networks; telecoms, social networking sites and online gaming. The Idiro platform is a scalable solution capable of analysing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them.

Idiro SNA Plus is an analytical platform based on the principles of Social Network Analysis (SNA).

It will help you with the following:

Additionally, Idiro SNA Plus is supported by Idiro’s comprehensive consultancy services thus guaranteeing that our customers reap real benefits from their investment.

Idiro Technologies Big Data AnalyticsAnalytics & Big Data

Big data describes large data sets that represent real challenges in managing and analysing due to the huge volumes of data involved.

As experts in big data analytics we have the expertise to extract data from multiple sources, analyse it and help businesses to identify opportunities that may have previously been hidden from view. By analysing the raw data, we obtain valuable and actionable insights that business can use to significantly improve their bottom line.


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